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Losing money to shallowfakes? 

Stop photo manipulation on insurance claims.

How can we help your insurance company?

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Stop shallowfakes. Prevent fraud.

Vet a claim's legitimacy from the outset, saving money on sending assessors to inspect the vehicle, knowing there can be no foul play.

AI shouldn't be a threat to your business. With Damage Control you can relax.

Live photos

Customers can only take live photos through Damage Control. There is no access to the camera roll, so you can't upload manipulated photos.

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The App
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Encrypted and time stamped

Everything on our reports - photos, signatures, notes and more - are time stamped and encrypted to stop shallowfakes. We will know if any photos have been manipulated.

The App

Built from experience

Our founder is a former solicitor after which he started a tech company which he sold in 2020. He then started a car rental company and encountered shallowfakes weekly. Using his experience, he created Damage Control to solve this. We now protect claims and vehicles for companies like Amazon, car rental firms and more.

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