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Worried about losing your rental deposit?

Track existing vehicle damage, protect your deposit.

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Peace of mind when renting

Renting cars can be stressful. Having a large deposit can be a worrying thought, not knowing whether it will be returned. Damage Control will help to track existing damages, avoid disputes and keep your deposit safe.

The App

Protect against existing vehicle damage in seconds

Take photos and mark existing damage

Record the vehicle's condition at the start of a rental to protect your deposit against pre-existing damage claims.

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View encrypted & time stamped report

Our reports are time stamped and encrypted for your protection.

Peace of mind when renting

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Reports can be used in deposit dispute claims from a rental company and accident reports.

The App

Avoid disputes, get your deposit back

Disputes are time consuming and worrying, not knowing if you will lose your deposit. Damage Control helps to avoid disputes by keeping proper logs of existing damage.

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