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Kelly, Ivar and Alex, we made a video for you!

Partnering with Damage Control is a win-win-win for everyone. Getting a proof of concept up and running plus further integration is very simple.


Let's have lunch (our treat) and have a chat:


Improve customer confidence in renting a car and deliver in-trip peace of mind

Tackle the number one car hire objection, helping to cross sell customers to car hire

A simple and clear Genius benefit, enhancing the rental experience

Avoid claims and disputes on the insurance package you offer to your customers

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What's the main thing putting people off renting BOOKING.COM cars?

About 254,000 results

Damage charges

Damage charges are the single largest cause of


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It's an app for your customers to record existing damages on rental vehicles, avoiding disputes and claims.


Add vehicle


Take photos & mark damage


View encrypted condition report

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Join our growing community of individuals protecting their vehicles and deposits

Take photos

Mark damage

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