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For consumers

Avoid losing your rental deposit

The problem

Worried about losing your deposit when renting?

The worst part about renting a vehicle is the fear of losing your deposit. Some rental companies may try to charge for pre-existing damage. Or charge excessive amounts for damage you caused.

The solution

With Damage Control you can track and mark damage.

Create a condition report before your trip starts.

Mark all pre-existing damage clearly on the report.

Share the report and request a signature with the business to confirm the condition

Why you need it

Avoid losing your money

You don't want to lose money or waste your time in disputes about something that can't be proved. 

Let's stop this before it has a chance to become an issue.

Our Clients

Why companies like damage

"Pretty f***ing sick"

I'm friend's with the founder. I thought the app was going to be a gimmick, but it's actually pretty f***ing sick. He released it just as I went on holiday and I used it when renting a car. The app's seamless and literally on the first use it helped to save me £867 for a pre-existing dent.


Dan's friend (doesn't look like the stock photo)

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